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Hello and welcome to Ohio Fair Chase.com, my name is Kenny Holley and I am the Webmaster and partner in Ohio Fair Chase.  There are a total of three of us, myself, Gary Holley, and Tom Clemons, and together we provide all of the videos and images you will find here.

We started out as just hunting buddies, and quickly realized that we all shared a passion for not just hunting but "real hunting". None of us believe in high fence hunting, because quite simply that's more like killing than hunting. 

Now we know that this is a highly controversial topic and we may have just upset some of you big time high fence hunters and quite frankly that's fine with us.  If you disagree then go start your own Web site and call it "I love hunting in zoos" or "taming the caged whitetail" or something like that and we will continue to HUNT for our deer. On the other hand if you enjoy scouting and earning that big buck of a lifetime, then we say welcome fellow sportsman.

If you stick around and watch a few of our videos or check out our photo gallery, you will see that we are just three good ole boys who love to hunt and do it ethically.  It's not just about killing its about every phase of the hunt.

We have received several requests about guiding services, while Tom and Gary have both done this in the past we are really enjoying guiding our new "clients", our wives and kids.... and watching them take bucks of a lifetime. This is not to say we won't take any new clients in the future but for now we are content in proving to everyone that we don't need to go killing deer that are trapped inside of a high fence.

Hope you enjoy the site

Kenny - Gary - Tom





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